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Costs involved for setting up and managing a Website

There are many costs involved to setup a website. It varies from couple of hundreds to thousand based on your website complexity and requirement. The major expenses involved are

Domain cost

Domain is nothing but is something looks like yourcompany .com or .net etc. The cost for each domain varies and we cannot expect to get it exactly same as our company name if it is already been taken. It can cost you from 15$ yearly if you use a .com domain.

Hosting cost

It is the cost to store your website files on a hosting provider’s server. There are thousands of hosting providers out there to host your website. When you host your website, look for few things, location of the server, CDN (Content delivery network ) usage if you are a global business, regular backup options and the speed. It can cost you from $100 yearly and varies based on the traffic and size of the website contents.

Web designing / Development cost

This is the cost to set up a website, emails, graphics etc. There are developers available in the market for doing it from $400 – thousands based on the size and requirement of the website.

Maintenance cost

Hire a Developer now

It is the cost to hire the developer when you require something to be updated on your website. A couple of hundreds to thousands based on your requirement.


Ninetco has 3 plans which is basically a bundle deal with all the costs and you don’t have to worry about keeping domains and hosting in two different locations. You may not be able to get

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